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  「The Reading Passage」

  A Carbon Tax Beats a Vacuum Ban




  We do two things in the introduction:

  Introduce 1. the argument of the passage:

  Sita Slavov proposes a carbon tax as the replacement of the vacuum ban in the essay, and apparently has a number of reasons – the disadvantages of the ban and the advantages of the tax, to buttress theproposition.

  and 2. the general progression of the passage and the general styleof writing:

  During the line of building the argument, Sita displays intense refutation to the ban and articulates, in a sensible and calm manner, the reasons why the proposed tax should supersede the ban.



  Our first paragraph is in response to Part 1: Paragraphs. 1 to 3

  Instead of beating around the bush [如何丰富写作内容?指出作者写作的反面。], the author is rather straightforward [然后指出作者的写作手法或者特点。] at the beginning of the essay. The ban is introduced and immediately refuted as deemed ineffective [下划线的部分是对作者内容的解读,不是分析不是直接的缩略,而是解读。] with a simple piece of evidence.[当然是需要对材料文的文本进行概述的,但是注意“简要”。] The highlight of the two following paragraphs is the author’s sarcasm, of multiple times and manifested in the rhetorical questions [指出材料文在这个部分的关键特点以及具体手法。], in the challenge to the ban. The ban is criticized for it is believed to “severely restrict consumers’ choices”, and it is opposed for it is deemed an “intrusion”, a nanny-state policy that interfereswith “even the most minute of personal decisions”. [下划线的部分是对作者内容的解读,不是分析不是直接的缩略,而是解读。并且,我们在写作中,可以通过直接引用(引号内的内容)作者的内容。] However, the author is obviouslysophisticated and does not lose his calm and fairness, [对作者的内容作出评价(正评价)。] since he or she, at the end of the third paragraph, makes a concession to the backers of the ban, showing understanding of the good intent—to prevent climate change—of the proponents of the regulation [这一句的下划线部分对作者内容的解读,不是分析不是直接的缩略,而是解读。].

  Our second paragraph is in response to Part 2: Paragraphs. 4 to 7

  Our third paragraph is in response to Part 3: Paragraphs. 8 to 9

  In the final two paragraphs, it is stated that the proposed carbon tax is based on an extensive agreement throughout the political spectrum, since it is approved by “economists of all political stripes” and “90 percent of (the leading academic economists)” ß 直接引用来指出我们分析的原文依据. At this point, the author remains rational and fair, and also sees the full picture that there is an obstacle, which is that the tax is less convenient than an arbitrary ban. However, the author foresees the optimistic future, anticipating “that may change going forward” ß 直接引用来指出我们分析的原文依据, and wraps up the essay by showing the approval that the tax would be an environmental measure that does notinterfere with consumers’ free choice and raises revenue.


  We do two things in the conclusion:

  1. Acknowledge the author’s success of making a good argument:

  Sita Slavov successfully makes a compelling case that the vacuum ban should be abandoned and replaced with a carbon tax.

  2. Briefly review the strategies and/or techniques used in the line of argument:

  This Fall, SAT Writing Weekly sees you every Monday.




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