New Channel International Education Group was founded by a group of elite Chinese and foreign language trainers and expert academics, all led by English language instruction expert Hu Min. New Channel is an international language education institution that has received strategic investment from International Data Group and Kaplan, the world-renowned educational institution. It has a wide variety of subsidiaries including an education and culture development company, an education investment company, training schools, study abroad service centers, "Learn Quick" Personalized Learning Centers, a franchising department, an internet education and technology company, an AP Curriculum Center, and branch organizations all over China. New Channel has strategic partnerships with organizations including China Higher Education Press, Peking University, Renmin University, China Foreign Affairs University, and other renowned academic organizations and schools.

New Channel's goal is to create a complete system for English language education in China. Following the spirit of the school's motto, "I will persist until I succeed!", New Channel carries out its vision of "Changing the Attitude and Methods of Chinese Students' English Study", and "Better English, Higher Score" by following the standards of "Small Classes, Teaching Assistants and Individualized Service". Relying on a deep foundation in academics, a pragmatic educational style, a strong capacity for research and development, and a prolific enterprising spirit, New Channel has quickly risen to the top of its industry. With its educational content, textbook R&D, the quality of its courses, and its service environment, New Channel has set a new standard, raising the bar for China's English training industry, and creating a path to success in English for all Chinese students.

English Training: New Channel has developed a large body of training materials composed of original intellectual property; brought Kaplan's TOEFL training materials and TOEFL iBT mock test system—both of which are the results of years of training and research—to China; created the "Learn Quick" training method, which meets a variety of learning needs of different students by setting and implementing precise study plans that help students quickly increase their levels and test scores; established the "IELTS Dream Team", the "NETEM Dream Team", and other training teams with teachers from inside and outside of China; and provided students with IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, AP, NETEM, foreign-teacher-led topic discussions, Cambridge English for K-12, children's English and other high quality training programs.

Publishing: To date, New Channel has produced over 400 original books and multimedia products, with content ranging from domestic to international tests and comprehensive English, and has distributors in every province, city, and autonomous region in China. Millions of students have benefited from these materials.

Study Abroad: With the principle of "Using Integrity to Create Your Future", New Channel provides quality services to Chinese students planning to study abroad and helps show foreign educational institutions the strengths of Chinese students.

Kid's English: Over the past five years, New Channel has developed the "Parade" system of English learning for children and is now engaging in national promotion of the program, offering a comprehensive solution for children's extra-curricular English learning.

Franchising: Using the well-known "Parade English" brand, and collaborating with those committed to investing in children's English education, New Channel has opened franchises in more than 70 locales, helping to rapidly develop the national market.

E-learning: Leveraging New Channel's strong teaching team and educational resources, New Channel's E-learning uses the distance learning model to allow students to learn from famous teachers online anywhere in the world.

AP Curriculum: New Channel's AP Curriculum Centers are full-time learning centers authorized by the College Board. Currently, an AP Curriculum Center has been opened at Changjun Middle School in Changsha.