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SAT 巴朗词汇精选

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 新航道SAT频道为各位考生整理了sat 巴朗词汇精选,供考生们参考使用,下面是SAT 巴朗词汇的详细内容:

Word List 6    bard-bluff
bard             N./(吟游)诗人/poet. The ancient bard Homer sang of the fall of Troy.
baroque      ADJ./华丽的/highly ornate. Accustomed to the severe lines of contemporary buildings, the architecture students found the flamboyance of baroque 
architecture amusing. They simply didn't go for baroque.
barrage       N./弹幕,火力网/barrier laid down by artillery fire. The company was forced to retreat through the barrage of heavy cannons.
barren         ADJ./荒芜的,贫瘠的/desolate; fruitless and unproductive; lacking. Looking out at the trackless, barren desert, Indiana Jones feared that his 
search for the missing expedition would prove barren.
barricade  N./屏障;障碍物/hastily put together defensive barrier; obsta-cle. Marius and his fellow students hurriedly improvised a rough barricade to block 
police access to the students' quarter. Malcolm and his brothers barricaded themselves in their bedroom to keep their mother from seeing the hole in the 
bedroom floor. alsoV.
barterer       N./交易商/trader. The barterer exchanged trinkets for the natives' furs. It seemed smarter to barter than to pay cash.
bask            V./享受(温暖);愉快,舒适/luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth. Basking on the beach, she relaxed so completely that she fell asleep.
bastion       N./堡垒;工事/fortress; defense. The villagers fortified the town hall, hoping this improvised bastion could protect them from the guerillas' 
raids.    .
bate             V./限制;抑制/let down; restrain. Until it was time to open the pre-sents, the children had to bate their curiosity. bated,ADJ.
bauble       N./小玩意儿/trinket; trifle. The child was delighted with the bauble she had won in the grab bag.
bawdy         ADJ./猥亵的;下流的;卖淫的/indecent; obscene. Jack took offense at Jill's bawdy remarks. What kind of young man did she think he was?
beam          N./光束;铁梁,木梁;一束电波/ray of light; long piece of metal or wood; course of a radio signal.     V.smile radiantly. If a beam of light 
falls on you, it illuminates you; if a beam of iron falls on you, it elimi-nates you. (No one feels like beaming when crushed by an iron beam.)
beatific        ADJ./祝福;幸福的/giving bliss; blissful. The beatific smile on the child's face made us very happy.
beatitude    N./祝福/blessedness; state of bliss. Growing closer to God each day, the mystic achieved a state of indescribable beatitude.
bedizen       V./俗丽,俗气/dress with vulgar finery. The witch doctors were bedizened in all their gaudiest costumes.
bedraggle   V./邋遢的;湿的/wet thoroughly; stain with mud. We were so bedraggled by the severe storm that we had to change into dry clothing. 
beeline        N./直线/direct, quick route. As soon as the movie was over, Jim made a beeline for the exit.
befuddle     V./迷惑/confuse thoroughly. His attempts to clarify the situation succeeded only in befuddling her further.
beget           V./得子;产生/father; produce; give rise to. One good turn may deserve another; it does not necessarily beget another.
begrudge    V./愤恨;嫉妒/resent. I begrudge every minute I have to spend attending meetings; they're a complete waste of time.
*beguile      V./欺骗,骗住;消磨时间/mislead or delude; pass time. With flattery and big talk of easy money, the con men beguiled Kyle into bet-ting his 
allowance on the shell game. Broke, he beguiled himself during the long hours by playing solitaire.
behemoth   N./怪物;怪兽/huge creature; monstrous animal. Sports-casters nicknamed the linebacker "The Behemoth."
belabor       V./嘴贫,过度的说;谩骂/explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; attack verbally. The debate coach warned her stu-dent not to 
bore the audience by belaboring her point.
belated        ADJ./推迟的,延期的/delayed. He apologized for his belated note of condolence to the widow of his friend and explained that he had just 
learned of her husband's untimely death.
beleaguer   V./攻击;使烦恼/besiege or attack; harassed. The babysitter was surrounded by a crowd of unmanageable brats who relentlessly beleaguered her.
belie            V./掩饰,造成假象;矛盾/contradict; give a false impression. His coarse, hard-bitten exterior belied his inner sensitivity.
belittle         V./蔑视,使渺小/disparage or depreciate; put down. Parents should not belittle their children's early attempts at drawing, but should 
encourage their efforts. Barry was a put-down artist: he was a genius at belittling people and making them feel small.
bellicose     ADJ./好斗的,好战的/warlike. His bellicose disposition alienated his friends.
belligerent  ADJ./好斗的,好斗嘴的/quarrelsome. Whenever he had too much to drink, he became belligerent and tried to pick fights with strangers. 
belligerence,  N.
bemoan       V./哀叹,悲伤/lament; express disapproval of. The widow bemoaned the death of her beloved husband. Although critics bemoaned the serious flaws 
in the author's novels, each year his latest book topped the best-seller list.
bemused     ADJ./困惑的,发呆的/confused; lost in thought; preoccupied. Jill studied the garbled instructions with a bemused look on her face.
benediction  N./祝福/blessing. The appearance of the sun after the many rainy days was like a benediction.
benefactor  N./恩人,赞助人/gift giver; patron. Scrooge later became Tiny Tim's benefactor and gave him gifts.
beneficial    ADJ./有用的/helpful; useful. Tiny Tim's cheerful good nature had a beneficial influence on Scrooge's once-uncharitable disposition.
beneficiary  N./(遗产)受益人/person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will. In Scrooge's will, he made Tiny Tim his beneficiary. 
everything he left would go to young Tim.
benevolent  ADJ./慈善的/generous; charitable. Mr. Fezziwig was a benevolent employer, who wished to make Christmas mer-rier for young Scrooge and his other 
benign         ADJ./良性的,好的;和蔼可亲的/kindly; favorable; not malignant. Though her benign smile and gentle bearing made Miss Marple seem a sweet 
little old lady, in reality she was a tough-minded, shrewd observer of human nature. benignity,  N.
bent             ADJ;N./先天的/determined; natural talent or inclination. Bent on advancing in the business world, the secretary-heroine of Working Girl has 
a true bent for high finance.
*bequeath    V./遗赠,(代代)相传/leave to someone by a will; hand down. Though Maud had intended to bequeath the family home to her nephew, she died before 
changing her will. bequest,  N.
berate          V./严厉指责,谴责/scold strongly. He feared she would berate him for his forgetfulness.
bereavementN./丧亲/state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved. His friends gathered to console him upon his sudden bereavement.
bereft           ADJ./失去的,缺少的/deprived of; lacking; desolate because of a loss. The foolish gambler soon found himself bereft of funds.
berserk        ADV./疯狂的,狂暴的/frenzied. Angered, he went berserk and began to wreck the room.
beseech       V./乞求,恳求/beg; plead with. The workaholic executive's wife beseeched him to spend more time with their son.
beset            V./困扰/harass or trouble; hem in. Many vexing problems beset the American public school system. Sleeping Beauty's castle was beset on all 
sides by dense thickets that hid it from view.
besiege        V./围攻/surround with armed forces; harass (with requests). When the bandits besieged the village, the vil-lagers holed up in the town hall 
and prepared to withstand a long siege. Members of the new administration were besieged with job applications from people who had worked on the campaign.
besmirch     V./弄脏/soil, defile. The scandalous remarks in the newspaper besmirch the reputations of every member of the society.
bestial          ADJ./残忍的/beastlike; brutal. According to legend, the werewolf was able to abandon its human shape and take on a bestial form.
bestow         V./给予/give. He wished to bestow great honors upon the hero.
betoken       V./预示;表示/signify; indicate. The well-equipped docks, tall piles of cargo containers, and numerous vessels being loaded all betoken 
Oakland's importance as a port.
betray           V./出卖;背叛/be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwill-ingly). The spy betrayed his country by selling military secrets to the enemy. 
When he was taken in for question-ing, the tightness of his lips betrayed his fear of being caught.
betroth         V./订婚/become engaged to marry. The announcement that they had become betrothed surprised their friends who had not suspected any romance. 
betrothal,  N.
bevy             N./一群(少女,小鸟)/large group. The movie actor was surrounded by a bevyof starlets.
biased          ADJ./偏见的,偏差/slanted; prejudiced. Because the judge played golf regularly with the district attorney's father, we feared he might be 
biased in the prosecution's favor. bias,  N.
bicameral     ADJ./两院制的(参,众)/two-chambered, as a legislative body. The United States Congress is a bicameral body.
bicker           V./争吵/quarrel. The children bickered morning, noon, and night, exasperating their parents.
biennial       ADJ./两年一度/every two years. Seeing no need to meet more frequently, the group held biennial meetings instead of annual ones. Plants that 
bear flowers biennially are known as biennials.
bigotry         N./固执/stubborn intolerance. Brought up in a democra-tic atmosphere, the student was shocked by the bigotry and narrowness expressed by 
several of his classmates.
bilious         ADJ./消化不良,易怒/suffering from indigestion; irritable. His bilious temperament was apparent to all who heard him rant about his 
bilk               V./骗/swindle; cheat. The con man specialized in bilking insurance companies.
billowing     ADJ./波涛翻滚/swelling out in waves; surging. Standing over the air vent, Marilyn Monroe tried vainly to control her billowing skirts.
bivouac       N./帐篷/temporary encampment. While in bivouac, we spent the night in our sleeping bags under the stars. alsoV.
bizarre          ADJ./怪异的/fantastic; violently contrasting. The plot of the novel was too bizarre to be believed.
blanch         V./漂白/bleach; whiten. Although age had blanched his hair, he was still vigorous and energetic.
bland           ADJ./温和的/soothing or mild; agreeable. Jill tried a bland ointment for her sunburn. However, when Jack absent-mindedly patted her on the   
sunburned shoulder, she couldn't maintain a bland disposition.
  以上就是新航道小编为大家整理的SAT 巴朗词汇精选的全部内容,希望对大家有所帮助,更多资讯、资料请访问新航道sat频道http://www.xhd.cn/sat/

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