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  1.conventional (100)based on accepted practice; traditional; customary; normal; ordinary; orthodox (convention, unconventional

  2.undermine (99)to hurt, weaken, or destroy, often in an underhanded or sneaky way

  3.dismissive (90)rejecting another’s thoughts or ideas, usually as not worthy of consideration; condescending (dismiss)

  4.aesthetic (86)relating to what is beautiful; beautiful; pleasing(aesthetics, aesthete, unaesthetic)

  5.objective (77)based on facts rather than personal feelings;unbiased; not personal; not subjective; true(objectivity)

  6.reconcile (75)to adjust the differences between things; to reach an agreement, especially after an argument; tomake up; to overcome discord; to try to be inclusive(reconciliation, conciliatory, irreconcilable)

  7.speculative (74)taking a chance; risky; uncertain; cannot be confirmed (speculate, speculation)

  8.accessible (71)being able to enter or approach a place; approachable; friendly; genial; gregarious (access, inaccessible)

  9.decorum (68)proper; correct behavior or etiquette; good manners; refinement (decorous, indecorous)

  10.impulsive (67)tending to act on impulse and without thought;rash; impetuous; unrestrained; capricious(impulses)

  11.deride (67)to ridicule something; to laugh at something as ridiculous; to mock; to satirize (derision, derisory, risible)

  12.suppress (67)to stop something from rising or coming out by holding it down; to repress (suppression)

  13.complacent (66)overly pleased with an accomplishment; overconfident; self-satisfied; so unwary as to be foolish (complacency)

  14.reverent (66)deeply honoring or respectful—and so not joking around; venerating (revere, reverence, reverential, irreverent)

  15.disparage (65)to insult or put down; to offend

  16.relevant (65)relating to the subject at hand; important or significant; pertinent (relevance, irrelevant)

  17.prudent (62)careful; cautious, especially about money; having good judgment; circumspect; wary (prudence, imprudent)

  18.refute (62)to prove wrong or false (refutation, irrefutable)

  19.inevitable (61)certain to happen; unavoidable (inevitability)

  20.innocuous (60)harmless; not dangerous at all; not likely to provokea strong reaction; inconsequential

  21.convey (60)to make something known; to reveal; to communicate; to depict

  22.profound (59)wise; deep; beneath the surface (profundity)

  23.ironic (59)a statement or situation that conveys a second meaning at odds with the apparent meaning; humorous (irony)

  24.ambivalent (58)undecided; feeling positively and negatively towards something (ambivalence)

  25.pragmatic (58)getting things done in an effective way; practical; emphasizing the practical; expedient (pragmatism, pragmatist)

  26.innovative (58)new; revolutionary (innovation)

  27.rational (57)based on reason rather than emotions; logical;sensible (irrational, rationale, rationalize)

  28.abstract (57)based on general ideas; not solid or concrete; vague;hypothetical (abstraction)

  29.distinct (57)clearly separate from others; not identical; different; clear; conspicuous; lucid (distinction, distinctive, indistinct)

  30.felicitous (56)well-chosen; especially appropriate; pleasing(felicity, infelicity)

  31.resolute (56)determined to succeed; not easily discouraged; persistent; tenacious (resolution, irresolute, resolve, unresolved)

  32.diverse (55)varying; something composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities (diversity, diversify)

  33.trivial (53)unimportant; insignificant; negligible;inconsequential (trivialize, triviality)

  34.discern (53)to notice; to see clearly; to distinguish; to discriminate (discerning, discernment, indiscernible)

  35.enhance (53)to strengthen; to improve (enhancement)

  36.redundant (52)extra, so not needed; extraneous (redundancy)

  37.tempered (52)mild; not severe or extreme; controlled; moderate;restrained (temperate, temperance, intemperate)

  38.dubious (52)doubtful, and probably untrue; implausible

  39.depict (51)to represent in words or pictures; to describe a scene or situation; to show; to convey (depiction)

  40.compelling (51)to arouse a feeling irresistibly; forceful; incisive; provocative; engaging (compel, compulsion, compulsory)

  41.indifferent (51)not caring about something—such as an outcome—one way or the other; apathetic (indifference)

  42.embellish (50)to decorate; to make beautiful or aesthetic; to make additions to, especially as in adding fictitiousdetails to a story (embellishment)

  43.supplant (50)to replace as better

  44.fabricate (49)to make or devise something; to make up an elaborate story, as in to lie (fabrication, fabricator)

  45.plausible (49)believable; probably; likely (implausible)

  46.parallel (49)something equivalent; a comparison; an analogy(unparalleled)

  47.eradicate (49)to wipe out; to eliminate; to destroy (ineradicable)

  48.dominant (49)having great or complete power or influence over someone or something; primary (dominate, domination, predominant)

  49.deleterious (49)harmful

  50.discord (48)disagreement; disharmony, especially among people; tension or unease between people, andoften the resulting confusion (discordant, concord, accord)

  51.futile (48)completely useless or ineffective; so hopeless that effort to change a situation is wasted (futility)

  52.indulgent (47)giving in to another’s wishes; permissive; lenient; tolerant; condoning (indulge, overindulge, self- indulgent)

  53.indignant (47)annoyed or insulted, especially about one’s dignity;angered (indignity)

  54.eclectic (47)selecting the best from different sources; selective;varied

  55.vindicate (47)to prove someone right in the end; to free him or her from blame; to exonerate (vindication)

  56.exemplary (46)showing by being great example; outstanding(exemplar, exemplify)

  57.inhibit (46)to block; to hold back; to impede or suppress(inhibition)

  58.discredit (46)to harm someone’s reputation; to show something should not be trusted or believed (credit)

  59.contemporary (46)occurring at the present time; occurring at the same time in history; modern (contemporaries, contemporaneous)

  60.provoke (45)to arouse strong feelings in someone; to anger(provocative, provocation)

  61.solicitous (45)eager to help; asking if one can help; sympathetic(solicit, solicitude)

  62.daunting (45)discouraging; intimidating; scary (undaunted)

  63.skepticism (44)doubt (skeptical, skeptic)

  64.coherent (44)sticking together in a unified whole; orderly;logically understandable; lucid (incoherent)

  65.autonomy (44)independence; self-government (autonomous)

  66.comprehensive (44)all-inclusive; thorough; complete; encompassing a great deal

  67.ambiguous (44)unclear; capable of being interpreted in more than one way; uncertain; doubtful; dubious; notdefinitive (ambiguity, unambiguous)

  68.pretentious (43)believing oneself to better than others; boastful; affected; not modest or reserved (pretense, pretension)

  69.rhetoric (43)impressive sounding, though sometimes empty, words; a formal speech (rhetorical)

  70.ephemeral (43)short-lived; present so fleetingly as barely to exist;transient; evanescent

  71.spurious (43)not genuine; fake; false; inauthentic

  72.valid (43)well-grounded; sound; logical; effective; legal;legitimate (validity, invalid)

  73.contempt (43)looking down on others or feeling superior to them;to feel that someone or something deserves great disrespect; condescension (contemptuous)

  74.restrained (43)calm and collected; controlled; not impulsive;reserved (self-restraint)

  75.mundane (43)relating to everyday life; uninspired; banal; prosaic

  76.impetuous (43)rash; impulsive; capricious; not retrained(impetuosity)

  77.repudiate (42)to reject a person or an idea completely; to have nothing to do with any longer (repudiation)

  78.definitive (42)settling a disputed matter finally; no longer tentative; conclusive; authoritative; decisive(defining, indefinite)

  79.debunk (42)to prove wrong or false; to invalidate80.divergent (41)to separate; to split away from; to move apart; to travel in different directions (diverge, converge)

  81.digress (41)to wander away from a topic; to change the subjectof a discussion momentarily (digression, digressive)

  82.sustain (41)to hold up; to support; to keep something going(sustenance)

  83.incongruous (41)not fitting or matching; seeming out of place(incongruity, congruent)

  84.diffident (40)lacking confidence; shy; reserved; apprehensive;wary (diffidence)

  85.subtle (40)so slight as to be hard to notice; hard to distinguish or discern (subtlety)

  86.transient (40)passing through a place quickly; not lasting; short- lived; transitory; ephemeral; evanescent(transience)

  87.serene (40)not disturbed; peaceful; quiet; tranquil (serenity)

  88.inconsequential (40) not worth noticing; unimportant; so insignificantas to have no consequences; negligible; trivial; trite(consequence)

  89.scrutinize (40)to examine something closely and completely, especially with an aim to finding faults (scrutiny, inscrutable)

  90.assert (40)to state a belief positively; to claim, often without proof (assertion, assertive)

  91.foster (40)to promote; to encourage; to contribute to something’s growth

  92.perplex (40)to confuse; to mystify (perplexing, perplexity)

  93.narrative (40)an account, story, or history about something(narrate, narrator, narration)

  94.prosaic (39)ordinary; matter-of-fact; lacking imagination;uninspired; hackneyed; mundane; banal (prose)

  95.substantiate (39)to offer supporting evidence; to help prove; to corroborate (unsubstantiated, substantive, substantial; insubstantial)

  96.optimistic (39)hopeful; looking on the bright side; expecting the best; sanguine (optimism, optimist)

  97.tranquil (39)calm; peaceful; quiet; relaxing; serene (tranquility)

  98.denounce (39)to put someone down, often publicly; to blame someone; to accuse (denunciation)

  99.condescend (38)to talk down to; to act superior to; to dismiss; to treat with contempt (condescending, condescension)

  100. partisan (38)supporting one side in a dispute, especially over political matters; biased; not detached or objective(bipartisan, nonpartisan)


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